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Field Operations



Our teams of experienced well-trained technicians are fully equipped to tackle any task anywhere. With equipment to complete the simplest of task to a large scale project. 

CLEANING: From tanks to hoppers, we can meet your needs both interior and exterior with our well-trained staff.

  • Steam cleaning
  • Flaring
  • Pressure Washing

INSPECTION: Let our seasoned technicians ensure your fleet is load ready and rail worthy.

  • Rule 88.B.2
  • Stub sills
  • Safety system
  • OTMA
  • Heater coil testing
  • Valve bubble leak testing
  • Air brake testing
  • Coating inspections and qualifications

GENERAL REPAIRS/VALVE COMPLIANCE: Our team of technicians are trained and ready to get your rail car back in action.

  • Certified welding
  • Certified Valve technicians to replace or rebuild any valve
  • Wheel change out
  • Jack/roll trucks
  • Coil repairs
  • Gasket change outs
  • Interior and exterior coating touch up
  • Decal/reflective tape replacement
  • Gauge rod replacement
  • Safety appliance

OTHER SERVICES: Our team is ready and willing to tackle any job you have.

  • Rail inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Transloading
  • Switching

IN PLANT SERVICES: When you have needs that require everyday attention let one of our well trained technicians be who you lean on.

  • Switching
  • Cleaning
  • Inspections
  • Repair/Valve maintenance
  • Transloading
Eagle Railcar Field Operations
Eagle Railcar Field Operations Unit
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Mobile Repairs 24/7

Call: (254)-334-9247

Field Operations - Eagle Rail Car